Micro-Electronics Clean Room

In Semiconductor industries, manufacturing of LCD panels and various other applications of microelectronics technology products requires an environment with a low level pollutant indication, where a high level of particulate filtration and Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) control is required.

  • Proper air filtration setup is essential to achieve different clean room standards; different standard of clean room requires a different set up ranging from equipment such as Fan Filter Units (FFU) to uses of HEPA/ULPA filters. As an specialist in Total Clean Air Solution, Aire-Plus has experiences in all type of clean room specifications, from using Pre/Secondary filters to HEPA/ULPA filters and Chemical filters, providing a Total Solution to the requirement of the customer’s needs.
  • Aire-Plus Systems uses the latest German EBM fan technology, USA H & V filter materials, as well as many top-grade raw material suppliers for the production of our FFU product. Our experience in research and development of the clean air industry coupled with application experience lists us as one of the top market leader in Clean Air products.
  • Aire-Plus Systems have passed ISO9001 certification for our manufacturing of Clean Air products, HEPA/ULPA filters and various clean air equipment products. We have several manufacturing plants in Asia to ensure that our products will always meet the customers’demand.

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