Commercial/Residential Buildings

Service area consist of commercial, residential buildings, subway/terminal station, factory office area and other centralised air conditioning system.

  • With the improvement of living standards and changing lifestyles, people are increasingly living longer time indoors, indoor air quality directly affects people's work and life. Poor air quality makes distraction, reduced efficiency, but also gives rise to severe headaches, nausea, fatigue, skin irritation and other symptoms, collectively referred to as "sick building syndrome." People are eager to improve the deteriorating room, office environment, improve the quality of life.
  • Our air filters are specifically designed for external air inlet, air flow and return air flow. Our new indoor air purifier is specially designed for indoor usage and can effectively eliminate a variety of indoor pollutants, to improve the indoor air quality to provide a cleaner working/living environment.

The main sources of outdoor air pollution is PM2.5, automobile exhaust, industrial emissions.

  • We also provide a full range of air filtration systems used in air purification equipment and ventilation systems, providing improve indoor air quality (IAQ) through our total clean air solutions.

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